How To Streamline Your Human Resources

As an integral part of any business, human resources needs to function efficiently in order for its potential to be maximised. It’s a cliché but it is true: Your people really are your greatest asset and looking after them really will pay dividends for your business. In today’s business climate you cannot afford to be short-sighted, so setting in stone some useful HR habits and procedures now can really improve your chances of long term prosperity.

1) Streamline Recruitment

The recruitment industry is on the ascendency. Employing 92,446 staff in the UK, agencies are seemingly unstoppable. Recruitment agencies may specialise in certain areas or certain roles, but don’t forget that their fee doesn’t come cheap. Remember that the primary aim of a recruitment agent is to win their commission, not necessarily find you the best candidate for the job!

So, where else can you turn? Many companies are making efficiencies by cutting out agencies altogether. Manually advertising your vacant role on jobsites such as Monster and Reed, for example, isn’t too time consuming and ensures that you have full control over the selection of candidates. Another potential avenue to explore is social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to post jobs quickly and easily, reaching large audiences that you may already have.

2) Improve Morale

If you find your HR department spending an unwieldy amount of time dealing with disciplinary issues or absentee management, you may have a problem. Whilst, of course, it is a HR duty to discipline staff, improving morale at your company may cut out these types of incident far more effectively saving you time and money.

Improving staff morale can take time but social events, choosing an employee of the month or other rewards or even days out of the office can all contribute.

3) Use A Payroll Company

Payroll can be complicated. Constantly evolving legislation and regulations make training and re-training an ongoing expense. A recent example of this is the incoming Pension Auto Enrolment scheme.

Payroll mistakes can be costly. Not only do you risk financial loss, but as was seen in a recent episode of Dispatches, companies are at risk of succumbing to a public relations disaster.

Both protecting yourself and saving money is achievable by outsourcing your payroll to CPS. Please complete our enquiry form and one of our payroll specialists will be in touch.