10 Ways To Keep Employees Happy

As we all know, happy staff make a happy business. In recent years it is becoming increasingly important that employers are able to keep their employees happy, loyal and engaged with the company – to increase profits, amongst other things. On the other hand, if employees are unmotivated and lacking reliability, the company will certainly suffer.

So what do you, as an employer, need to do to ensure your staff remain happy, efficient and upbeat?

Firstly, tell your employees when they do well and recognise their success! People who feel pride in what they do will always work that extra bit harder. It’s not just the money that motivates people – try a pat on the back and see where it gets you. Your employees want to work for you, and in order to keep them happy, just let them in on the big picture. If your employees understand why they are doing what they are doing they will be closer to the company and what it stands for.

As your employees begin to understand your company better they will want to stay with you for longer. In order to keep them, you will most likely need to offer them growth opportunities. Some of a company’s best employees will be ones that have started at the bottom and grown with you. Offering your staff a chance to gain experience, an insight in to the company’s future and a chance to grow will also help you to build their trust. An employee who knows that they will have a job for as long as they are willing to work hard, will be a happy employee.

As a growing company, you will soon see that your staff may become distanced from each other. Having a large number of departments and employees means that you need to work harder to get people talking. Implementing simple and personable communication programs such as Skype or Campfire will help employees to feel connected. In turn, you will also need to see your staff as individuals rather than a team, or a department. Earning your employees respect will go a long way to building a happy workforce.

As with all aspects of business, feedback is vital to creating the best company, product or service that you can. The same goes for your employees – but don’t just e-mail them a generic Annual Report, full of ticked boxes and standard statements. Encourage employees to give and receive feedback freely and you will be on to a winner.

Being passionate about your company may be easy for you. You gave birth to it, you’ve helped it grow and you have invested a great deal in it. Your employees haven’t. They may be just starting with you, so the only way to get them as excited about your business as you are is to show them. You need to live the brand! Getting your employees as passionate about the business as you are will make them happier, determined and much much more efficient.

And last but not least, you need to push healthy living. But don’t just preach it, provide it. Don’t have your staff working endless hours and stressing about their job. Provide them with the means to have a healthy work/life balance and you will see happy individuals at work on Monday morning – really!