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About CPS

For over 15 years we have been committed to providing an unrivalled service, delivering the latest solutions, and expanding our capabilities through on-going research and development.

As a result, we can offer you HR software and payroll management solutions that can adapt to a changing future and a high level of customer service that makes working with us a pleasure.

We have developed our own advanced HR software (Legislator™) which is web based and available to customers 24/7 from anywhere in the world. To ensure your investment lasts well into the future we include upgrades to the software as part of the subscription cost. Our friendly, professional management team provides help desk support and all of our support staff are qualified by Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).


World class Payroll Management Services only from CPS

CPS has been the outsourced payroll provider of choice for businesses medium and large throughout UK. What makes the innovative payroll management solution developed by CPS stand out from the rest?

Our proprietary Legislator™ software sets us apart from the best of the rest. It is this technology that means we are the only company worldwide that can provide access 24/7, two-hour payroll processing, and unlimited automatic reports, delivered to unlimited recipients, in pdf or excel format. By eliminating the need for human intervention you reduce your risk of errors, and cut off time can be as close as payday minus three days.

  • Detailed payroll management advice
  • Customised solutions for your finance or HR functions
  • Three different levels of service
  • On-going promise to support the technology
  • Continuous research and development keeps our technology at the leading edge of payroll solutions

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Seeing is believing so why not put our technology to the test – call our friendly team of advisors today to arrange an on-line demonstration.

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