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HMRC Refuses To Give Pay Details To Tax Agents From 1st May 2017

25 May 2017
Now when an official tax agent calls up HMRC to ask for the pay and tax details of one of their clients that they have been given full authorisation to represent, HMRC will decline to provide this information. Read More

3 Possible Solutions For Managing Growing Payroll Legislation

23 May 2017
Payroll legislation has forever been changing and growing. But the pace of change and growth of payroll legislation has sped up markedly over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing. In a short space of time there has been the introduction of RTI, fo Read More

Gender Pay Gap Reporting What Is It And Who Will It Affect?

11 May 2017
The government defines the gender pay gap on their official site as the difference between the average earnings of men and women that is stated relative to mens earnings. The government provides an example to illustrate this, which is that men earn Read More

HMRC Starts Using RTI Data To Amend

10 May 2017
HMRC have decided to start using RTI data to amend tax codes as part of their new initiative called PAYE Refresh, which comes into effect from the 2017-2018 tax year. Read More

Scottish Tax The Resolution Has Been Agreed

28 March 2017
The Scottish Parliament approved the Scottish Rate Resolution on the 21st February 2017. What the resolution does is separate the UK into two distinct tax regimes for specific non-savings as well as non-dividend taxable income. Read More

Budget Changes That Will Be Affecting Your Payroll From April 2017

22 March 2017
In this article, were going to outline and explain the elements of the budget that relate to payroll in a broad or specific way. Read More

The Apprenticeship Levy Is Coming What Is It And What Does It Mean?

17 March 2017
The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy has the primary purpose of funding new apprenticeships. The levy will apply to all employers in the UK that have a yearly pay bill of 3 million or more. Read More

Top 3 Ways Of Reducing Payroll Errors

13 March 2017
Payroll errors are expensive. Recent research found that payroll errors cost UK companies around 700 million in the last financial year alone. Read More

How Outsourcing Payroll Can Go A Long Way In preventing HMRC Penalties

02 February 2017
According to national accountancy chain, UHY Hacker Young, the government has collected 737 million from investigations into tax avoidance and employer compliance errors. Read More

3 Signs Your Payroll System Could Be In Crisis

29 January 2017
Is your payroll department functioning correctly? If it isnt then how would you know without comparing it to others? Thankfully there are some common, well known signs of a payroll system in crisis and they are much the same in medium and large companies Read More

A Heavier Burden For Payroll Following New Research On Employee Satisfaction?

09 December 2016
The 2016 Employee Outlook Research paper from the CIPD has found that 36% of the UK employees surveyed are dissatisfied with their current pay level and more worryingly that 25% of employees plan to leave their current company in the near future. Read More

Is Changing The IR35 Rules Really The Answer?

01 December 2016
We are going to break this article down into three distinct parts for easier digestion and comprehension. We are first going to outline, briefly, what the IR35 rules are, from there we are then going to succinctly explain what the proposed changes to the Read More

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