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3 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy And Maternity Discrimination In Your Company

08 July 2018
The ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) has recently found that pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace rose by 10% to over 14,000 complaints in the UK in 2016. This highlights a worrying trend, and in this article we are Read More

3 Of The Most Critical Issues Facing Payroll In 2018

27 June 2018
2018 has barely begun and it already looks set to be a very challenging year for the payroll world. In this article we are going to outline and explain the top 3 Most Critical Issues Facing Payroll this year. Brexit & GDPR Yes, the dreaded B word. 2018 Read More

Is Your Payroll Data Properly Backed Up?

14 June 2018
In this age of frequent operating system vulnerabilities, data theft and hard drive failures it is absolutely crucial that your company follows an efficient payroll data backup process so you can carry on with business as usual if disaster were to strike. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About The High Stakes Morrisons Payroll Leak Case

18 December 2017
In this article we are going to explain the details of the case brought against Morrisons in the Morrisons Payroll Leak Case, what the ultimate court ruling was and what the key takeaways are. In 2014, Andrew Skelton who was then the senior auditor for Mo Read More

Increases In Minimum Contributions For Automatic Enrolment Pensions

16 November 2017
Starting from the 6 April 2018, employers may be required to increase the amount of their contributions into their automatic enrolment pension. Read More

Which Payroll Schedule Is The Best?

31 October 2017
A lot of companies assume that paying their staff monthly is the only acceptable way, and, although that payment schedule works for a lot of businesses and their employees, it is far from the only way to pay. Read More

Two Payroll Issues And Employees Are Gone

09 October 2017
Recent research from the US and UK has found that even a few payroll errors could very well cost you some precious employees. Read More

Tax Rises May Be On The Way

26 September 2017
Phillip Hammond has strongly hinted that Britain could be in store for some tax rises, and if so, they will be announced in his Budget next month. The tax rises will be in a bid to ease what is now years of austerity. Read More

Shared Parental Leave Fails To Make An Impact

01 September 2017
Shared Parental Leave received much fanfare from both the government and the media when it was finally agreed upon and put into action, and as is put brilliantly by Rachel Suff, advisor at CIPD, it marked a milestone for gender equality. Read More

Is It Easy To Outsource Payroll?

14 August 2017
In this piece were going to tackle the question that an increasing number of companies, both large and small, have started to ask themselves as they look beyond conducting their payroll in house, to outsourcing payroll. Read More

New Research Reveals A Large Breach Of Employment Rights

28 July 2017
New research reported by found that a staggering 44 per cent of European employees have been paid late at some point during their career. Read More

Are You Following The Law With Regards To Holidays?

19 June 2017
The provisions that are contained within the Working Time Regulations 1998 (The Regulations) with regards to holiday entitlement taken with recent case law has seen an, understandable, increase in confusion with regards to what employees are legally entit Read More

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