Legislatorô HR- The ultimate HR Management System

Legislator™, CPS’s proprietary cloud HR Management System, is an intuitive, easy to use and powerful information tool that has been specifically designed to streamline HR administration ensuring smooth, simple and effective management of your most important asset; your staff.

Legislator™ HR eliminates managing multiple spreadsheets and outdated paper HR files and, as it is cloud-based, it is accessible 24/7 to easily manage and share information across multiple locations within your business. You’ll also save valuable time and resources as Managers and employees can access data from any location to assist in HR admin tasks.

When combined with our professional payroll outsourcing services you have a seamless, truly powerful solution to perform your employee admin within a single database thereby holding all your employee HR and payroll information in one place.

It is completely scaleable with our portfolio of happy clients ranging in size from 100 to 12,000 employees giving you complete peace of mind that as your business grows Legislator™ will be there to grow alongside you.

The following are just some of the features included in Legislator™ HR to ensure stress-free and enjoyable HR management.

Automated User-defined Alerts

Quickly and easily create activity alerts to manage any of your day to day HR tasks such as end of probation, return to work interviews, training review, right to work document review as well as those more personal events such as a Birthday or service anniversary. In fact, any date-related activity can be monitored and management automatically alerted of the task that needs to be performed.

Online Holiday Management

No more employee queries about holiday entitlements and outstanding days and eliminate those out-dated paper holiday request forms. All holiday Management is carried out using a simple paperless workflow process. Employees can view their Team calendar and then request holiday through the self-service portal and their Line Manager can then view his Team Calendar and approve or decline the request.

Absence Tracking

Monitor all types of employee absence with onboard alerts and reports including Bradford factor scores to help you improve attendance. Alerts can be configured based on a Bradford factor trigger point or when a certain number of absence instances occur within a set period. Automatic SSP calculation is performed from HR absence records and self-defined Company sick pay schemes can be configured so that all the correct payroll calculations are performed without any manual intervention.

Manager and Employee Self-Service

Empower employees with access to the data you hold about them and even allow them to make changes to chosen data themselves. Depending on your chosen system setup changes can be sent to a Manager for approval prior to update to the main HR system. Employees can view payslips and P60s as well as personal and job detail information and notify absence or request holidays. Access can be via web or using our mobile phone app to give employees flexibility to choose how they wish to access the system.

Document Management

Eliminate filing cabinets overflowing with paper HR records by effortlessly uploading and storing communications and documents in employees’ electronic HR file. The records can be retrieved instantly from any location and you can allocate a review date and receive an automated task alert at the appropriate time. An alert can also be configured if a certain document description does not exist on the employee record within a set period from their start date.

Training Records

All training courses provided to employees can be recorded on the system with details of the date(s) carried out, duration, costs, CPD points and review date. Training certificates can be uploaded and attached to the employee record and alerts can be configured to remind you when a refresher training course is required. Alerts can also be configured to highlight if an employee has not undertaken a particular training course within a set time period from their start date.


This module is particularly effective for site based hourly paid employees. Timesheets can be completed by Managers and approved by senior Managers and the data automatically flows through to the pay run. Budgets can be set, and over-budgets can require approval prior to payroll processing. The timesheets can cater for employees working multiple posts on the same site or employees who conduct work on multiple sites. The module can also interface with Time & Attendance systems to provide an automated and time saving solution for the pay run.

Search for employees on any database field

With Legislator™ HR you can pick any database field(s) to perform a search for employees who match the criteria. Search for employees who live in Essex or Hertfordshire, possess an HGV licence and are also qualified to operate a fork lift truck. The options are endless. Choose to add any other data fields and instantly export the results to Excel® with just a few clicks. The powerful search tool can also be used to create user-defined lists to manage aspects such as training course attendees.

Informed decisions with powerful report generator

Our report generator is one of the easiest tools around with no IT knowledge required. You can select any database field to include in your report and see the results instantly on screen. Then with one click the data is exported to Excel®.


Any data can be imported into Legislator™ HR from csv or Excel files. This could be salary reviews, commission/overtime/bonus for the current pay run. Our import validator ensures the consistency of the data and provides meaningful import reports with warnings or errors for any potential data issues.   

Workplace Pensions - Auto Enrolment

Confused by the complexity of Auto Enrolment? Legislator™ HR takes care of the entire burden simplifying the legislative requirements. Features include timely ongoing assessment of employees, creating a pension contribution record where applicable and catering for Opt-ins and Opt-Outs as well as refunds through payroll. The system can even generate the employee communications that the legislation requires. Click here for more details.

Accurate & Validated Data

The accuracy of your data is of utmost importance and Legislator™ has several features to assist in maintaining a high level of data quality at point of entry. This includes validation of Bank sort codes from our online bank database and validation of account numbers using the logarithms provided by UK banks. Accuracy of employee addresses is also guaranteed from automatic completion from user entry of a postcode.

We haven’t forgotten the payroll!

Legislator™ HR is seamlessly integrated with our payroll outsourcing services allowing our CIPP qualified payroll experts to process your payroll without any need for manual transfer of any data to our payroll bureau. All payroll records are held in the same database within Legislator™ HR giving a truly integrated HR and payroll system. Please click here for further details

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