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Our HR software alerts, informs & connects your employee community making self-management efficient and satisfying.
HR Management at your fingertips
Legislator™ HR is our best of breed, cloud-based HR Management System designed specifically to streamline HR administration ensuring smooth, simple and effective, management of your most important asset; your staff. With no software to install, accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection, it will transform the way you manage staff admin saving you time, increasing accuracy and cutting costs.

Automated task alerts – Legislator™ HR software has automated task alerts for key events such as end of probation, training review, or rechecking right to work eligibility as well as those more personal events such as a Birthday or service anniversary.

Secure document storage – Copies of all important documents such as right to work status can be effortlessly uploaded and stored in Legislator™ HR so that all your employees’ information and documents are stored in one secure place and are instantly accessible from any location.

Self-service to help spread the HR workload
Legislator™ HR comes complete with comprehensive self-service access for both Managers and employees empowering them to drive the numerous and time-consuming array of tasks that today’s business environment demands. Legislator™ HR has four tiers of access – HR Head, HR Administrator, Manager, or Employee – and each user has definable settings to view and control information appropriate to their level.


  • Greater autonomy
  • Request holidays
  • Notify sickness
  • View payslips, P60s and personal contract of employment
  • Access staff handbook
  • Maintain personal data


  • Extra Control
  • Access employee records for their team
  • Amend documentation
  • Approve or decline employee holiday requests
  • Access team training information
  • View team absence calendar

We haven’t forgotten the Payroll!
Motivating your workforce is essential to ensure that your business operates at optimum levels and their reward is paramount. Legislator™ HR has a fully integrated payroll processing module, using the same database as the main HR system, so that you can effortlessly ensure their pay is both timely and correct every time. The payroll module also features complete Auto Enrolment functionality to ensure that you comply with the vast legislative requirements, and ease the burden, that this new law imposes.

Alternatively you can hand over part or all of the payroll process to our CIPP qualified payroll staff with effortless integration with our outsourcing service with additional flexibility to choose between our payroll bureau or fully managed service.

By choosing us for your HR and payroll needs, your time management is immediately improved, leaving you to get on with the business of running your business.

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Please find below a list of some of the features that make Legislator™ HR software stand out from the best of the rest:


HR Software 1

Grows With Your Business

  • 6 tier Company structure
  • Unlimited Pay and Deduction codes
  • Multiple Posts with Job & Post history
  • Multi site/Department pay costing
  • Unlimited Pension schemes with Auto Enrolment assessment
  • Allows future-dated changes with automated overnight update

Powerful Employee Search Tool

With Legislator™ HR you can pick any database fields to use as search criteria. Search for employees who live in Essex or Hertfordshire, possess an HGV licence and are also qualified to operate a fork lift truck. The options are endless. Choose to add any other data fields and instantly export the results to Excel®.

HR Software 2
HR Software 3

Absence Monitoring

  • Unlimited sick schemes inc SSP
  • Automatic Bradford Score calculation
  • Alerts for absence trigger points
  • Analytical charts to easily monitor trends
  • Full Absence and Event calendar
  • Employee absence notification through self service

Automated System Alerts

Never miss an important task again

Legislator™ HR software automatically alerts you to key events such as end of probation, training review, or rechecking right to work eligibility. Alerts can be created for any database field, so, for example, an email can be automatically sent to your medical insurance provider when an employee leaves.

HR Software 4

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