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For simple, cost-effective and accurate payroll solutions, choose Legislator™ payroll software from CPS – an innovative automated cloud-based system, accessible from any location. It is guaranteed to save you time, increase accuracy and cut costs.

World Class Payroll Solutions

CPS HR & Payroll Solutions has been helping all types of businesses of all sizes with HR & Payroll solutions for over 20 years with highly customised, fast, efficient and stand-alone payroll outsourcing UK services designed to work with any type of business, be that a start-up or a well-established one. We understand that every company is unique. As such, we take great care in listening and understanding your different payroll processing requirements in order to design highly customised payroll services that match your needs to perfection.

Save time and money, with simple, fast and hassle-free HR software and payroll outsourcing UK from CPS. Combining reliability with accuracy, we promise to deliver a risk-free solution to your payroll outsourcing needs. You can choose to use our innovative, industry-leading, cloud-based software as a stand-alone product or opt for our payroll bureau service or full payroll outsourcing UK package for a complete managed payroll service.

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Payroll Outsourcing UK Solutions

Providing simple and cost-effective software & service to make your payroll and HR a breeze.

Payroll Software

Intuitive, highly secure and cloud-based payroll software accessible from any location, guaranteed to save you time, increase accuracy and cut costs.

HR Software

Our cloud HR software system, Legislator™ is highly intuitive, easy to use and one of the most powerful tools specifically designed to streamline HR administration.

Payroll Services

Our bespoke payroll services are about us ensuring your payroll is highly accurate, using all the correct tax codes, up to date with the latest legal requirements, and risk-free.

Pension Enrolment

Our Pension Enrolment Software is designed to take care of the entire burden ensuring you meet your legislative obligations with the minimum of effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the most versatile payroll outsourcing UK providers.

From all payroll providers out there, why is your payroll company different?

Finding the right payroll providers for your company can become a problem of quality and trust, especially now in the world of internet with so many payroll outsourcing companies to choose from. But before quantity, there is quality, and with us, you’ll get:

• A dedicated account manager that you can always contact for help when you need it the most.
• Highly qualified experts in extreme payroll cases so you can focus on what you do best.
• The assurance your payroll is always completed to perfection and delivered on time, every time.
• Full support from our plain-speaking payroll specialists that free you from the burden of payroll outsourcing and unnecessary stress.

Give us one main reason why we should choose CPS

First and foremost, it is all about the team behind the stage. Here at CPS, we have a profound understanding of different classes and categories of payroll requirements according to your business specifics, and all the potential complexities payroll related services might face.

For that, we have put together a team that is highly specialised in a wide range of sectors that, when put together, make complex shift calculations, benefit allowances, holiday accruals, tax calculations, expense reimbursements, pension auto enrolment assessment and all manner of payroll related activities fall perfectly into place.

Sometimes with payroll outsourcing companies, there are hidden charges. What’s the case with CPS?

Unlike most payroll outsourcing companies, which have variable costs according to the company size, the level of administrative tasks, the time required, or the complexity, we pride ourselves in complete transparency of operations and upfront immutable costs.

As a leading payroll provider, CPS commences the agreement with a defined set of service levels that both parties mutually agree to. We charge for our services on an all-inclusive cost per payslip basis and so clients are aware of both current costs, and, as their company grows and payroll requirements evolve, the future costs of our payroll outsourcing service.

Does your payroll company provide processing payrolls for sectors that require special assistance?

While most payrolls have comparable requirements, there are particular cases when payroll providers must accommodate custom services, especially in instances where sectors have precise operational rules that require special consideration. This may be items such as complex shift premium calculations or multi-site costing requirements.

Here at CPS, we have a dedicated team of payroll specialists trained to work with companies in specific sectors: finance, support services, nursing homes, leisure, schools and other academic organisations, charities and even recruitment companies. Whatever sector your company operates in, contact us today for a free payroll outsourcing quote.

What are the main benefits of using CPS payroll services?

There are numerous benefits of using our payroll services, yet the most prized one by our clients is the joy of no longer stressing about becoming a payroll expert.

As it is our responsibility to stay up to date with the fast-changing payroll regulations, practices and methods, by outsourcing your payroll obligations to our company, you gain access to top payroll experts and professional services.

Another key benefit of using a professional payroll service – instead of an in-house team – is the all-year-round payroll coverage, in unfortunate situations when your payroll person is on holiday or off sick.

Finally, with our payroll services, you’re always on the go. There’s no need to invest in new payroll software or to make sure you have the latest updates.

What makes CPS more reliable & trustworthy than other payroll providers?

It is our step-by-step approach that makes us one of the most reliable and trustworthy payroll providers out there.

First, right after the enrolment phase, we assign you with a dedicated account manager ready to answer any questions you might have.

Your dedicated account manager knows your name, business details and needs, and will help you avoid time-consuming ticket systems, telephone queues, and lengthy email exchanges when you need our help.

Second, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access, you’ll always have full access to your payroll information. All payroll services we offer are cloud-based, available 24/7, every day of the year.

Last but not least, it is our team who make us stand out from the competition. When you choose CPS, you choose leading payroll specialists qualified in addressing any business needs.

How much do your payroll services cost?

Every company is different, with different payroll structures and needs. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept never works in business; for that, we never provide batch pricing on our payroll services.

Here at CPS, we know that every payroll price has to be assessed and calculated according to each business needs.

To calculate the right price, we require specific sets of information such as the number of weekly/fortnightly/4-weekly paid staff, P11D, Pensions Automatic Enrolment support, and other services over and above basic payroll system.

How secure is my data with your payroll company?

Ensuring data security and customer confidentiality are crucial to everything we do here at CPS.

Handling and dealing with payroll requires processing vast amounts of sensitive information that relates to your staff; names, social security numbers, bank details, addresses, and salary information.

From GDPR through to physical and digital security, we leave no stone unturned to make sure your data is dealt with safely and securely, protecting you and your company from data loss, leakage, and misuse. Your information is safely hosted in specialist UK data centres, which are operated by market leaders in the sector. More than that, our core systems are replicated to multiple servers, monitored 24/7 and daily backed up.

As a company, we continue to invest in research and development, ensuring that all our payroll company products are Cyber Essential & Automatic enrolment certified, tested and approved by HMRC.

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Helping Businesses Of All Sizes With HR & Payroll Solutions

Highly customised, fast, stand-alone payroll outsourcing services designed to work with any type of business.

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Smooth Transitions

We guarantee a smooth transition to our payroll outsourcing service in a short timeframe so you can be sure that your workforce will be paid on time, even if they are paid weekly.

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Risk Free Management

We continually invest in research and development to ensure that our payroll outsourcing solutions are up to date, easy to use and secure.

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CIPP Qualified

Our friendly support staff are qualified by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and offer a fantastic level of customer service. We believe in good communication.

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Fast & Accurate Turnaround

Most payroll outsourcing services take 7-10 days to input & process, we can do it in less than 3 days and late changes can be made up until the BACS file is transmitted.

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CPS Accreditations

Trusted by all the payroll authorities in the UK

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We continually invest in research and development to ensure that our payroll outsourcing UK services are the best solutions available to businesses right now.
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